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HANNOVER Re completes acquisition of Lloyd's syndicate
The acquisition of the UK holding company ARGENTA Holdings Limited, first announced by HANNOVER Re back in March, was successfully completed and became effective yesterday, 20 July. Continuare
VIDEO: GIF 2017, LONDON: HRH The Prince of Wales welcome address
"Insurers have to play an important part not only in managing current risks, but also in modelling the future by contributing to a better understanding of risks, to closing the insurance gap and setting an example of responsible investment policy," HRH The Prince of Wales said in his welcome address at GIF 2017. Continuare
GIF 2017 Day 2, LONDON : Long term view and sustainable development need a stable legal framework
The "Regulation for sustainable development" panel has emphasized the need for a stable an reliable legal environment in the insurance field, enabling insurers to design long term development strategies. XPRIMM delegates at GIF 2017 have reported: Continuare
GIF 2017 Day 1, LONDON : Looking to the emerging market in search of the future growth
The panel titled "Emerging Markets Outlook" has explored the current status and the growth perspectives in the emerging insurance markets. Continuare
GIF 2017 Day 1, LONDON : Facing the talent crisis by raising the young generation's interest towards insurance
The panel titled "Leaders of Tomorrow: Engaging and Developing Our Emerging Talent" has put under debate the talent crisis' issue, exploring the means of getting young professionals more interested by the insurance field.
GIF 2017 Day 1, LONDON : Redefining the insurance business of the future
The "Developed Market Dynamics Panel" has reviewed the main coordinates of the changes driven by the global economic environment's evolution and the technological progress in the insurance filed.
GIF 2017 Day1, LONDON : Besides all uncertainties, Brexit may prove also being a progress trigger
"Brexit and the Future London Market: Renaissance or Bust?" is the topic proposed by the Global Insurance Forum's organizers in the beginning of the event's first day.
GIF 2017 Day 2, LONDON: Digitalization brings increased capabilities but also more vulnerability to the cyber attacks
The fast increasing relevance of the cyber risks, as well as the disrupting effect that digitalization will have on the insurance industrymade the main topics of the "InsurTech: Innovating for Growth" panel. Continuare
CHUBB names Ross BERTOSSI Vice President, Global Underwriting, CHUBB Group
CHUBB announced that it has named Ross BERTOSSI Vice President of Global Underwriting for CHUBB Group. He succeeds Jacques BONNEAU who announced his retirement, effective at year-end. Continuare
Tokio Millennium Re appoints Brian SECRETT as Chief Underwriting Officer
Tokio Millennium Re AG (TMR) announced on 14 July the appointment of Brian SECRETT as the Company's new Chief Underwriting Officer (CUO) and member of the Executive Committee with effect from 1 October 2017, subject to regulatory approvals. Continuare
Guy Carpenter appoints Tom HETTINGER to lead advisory capabilities in United States and Canada
Guy Carpenter & Company announced on 17 July the appointment of Tom HETTINGER to lead its capital, structured risk, growth and rating agency advisory capabilities in the United States and Canada. Continuare
1H2017 Nat Cat review: powerful thunderstorms in the USA causes large losses; Europe saw a relatively calm first half year
A series of hailstorms and tornadoes in the USA dominated the natural catastrophe statistics in 1H 2017, each causing billions of dollars of losses. Worldwide nat cat losses however, were below the period's average. Continuare
Cyber insurance: An extreme cyber attack may cost, in aggregate losses, as much as the most severe weather events
According to Lloyd's Class of Business team's estimations, that global cyber market is worth between USD 3 billion and USD 3.5 billion and may reach until 2020 at about USD 7.5 billion. Continuare
IIS Global Insurance Forum: Disaster reseliency requiring closing the insurance protection gap
Spreading understanding of the central role that proper insurance has in building disaster resiliency is the theme of the International Insurance Society's (IIS) Global Insurance Forum. XPRIMM is Media Partner of the Forum. Follow us to get live insights from the event's proceedings. Continuare
HIGHLIGHTS: Global Insurance Forum 2017 gathered in London 500+ delegates from the international re/insurance arena
The 2017 edition of the Global Insurance Forum, an industry benchmark event organized by IIS- the International Insurance Society - ends today in London, after three days of debates. XPRIMM supports the Forum as Media Partner. Continuare


STATISTICS: MOLDOVA, 1Q2017: Local insurers' business grew by 10.22% in the beginning of 2017
In 1Q2017, the total GWP collected by Moldavian insurance companies have reached to MDL 310.33 million, up by 9.12% y-o-y, according to the official data published by the market watchdog. Continuare
STATISTICS: MOLDOVA, FY2016: Growth supported by the MTPL rates
The total GWP by Moldova's insurance companies increased by 9.67%, to MLD 1,347.04 million (EUR 64.48 million) in 2016, according to the official data published by the supervisory authority - NCFM. Continuare
MOLDOVA: Two Moldasig shareholders, forced by the NCFM to sell their shares
The National Commission of Financial Market (NCFM) has decided to sanction two shareholders of the insurance company Moldasig. Thus, the "WESNA" L.T.D. (4.99% share) and "ERWA" Limited (4.98% share) shareholders, have 3 months to sell their shares. Continuare
MOLDOVA: Eight insurance companies risk losing their license
The National Commission of Financial Market (NCFM) has warned eight insurance companies from Moldova, that they could remain without license,  because of the irregularities detected. Continuare
STATISTICS: Rep. of MOLDOVA, 3Q2016: GWP up by 11.58%, exceeding MDL 1 billion
In 3Q2016, the total GWP collected by Moldavian insurance companies have exceeded one billion MDL, up by 11.58% compared 3Q2015, according to the official data published by the National Commission of the Financial Market in Moldova (CNPF). Continuare
MOLDOVAN insurance companies fined by NCFM
Most of Moldovan insurance companies were fined by the National Commission of Financial Market (CNPF). The sanctions were imposed because they have not met the deadline for payment of compensation and preparing the minutes on prejudice. Continuare
Moldova: GENERAL Asigurari is the newest player to enter the market
GENERAL Asigurari is the most recent player to enter the re/insurance market in Moldova. The Board of Directors of the National Commission of Financial Market has issued the prior approval of registration in this regard, according to official anouncement made by local supervisory authority. Continuare
STATISTICS: Rep. of Moldova, 1H2016: GWP up by more than 9.5%, while claims increased by over 40%
The Moldavian insurance market has recorded in 1H2016, total GWP of MDL 628 million (EUR 28,2 million), increasing by 9,5% as compared with 1H2015, according to the official data published by the National Commission of the Financial Market in Moldova (CNPF). In the European currency, company's GWP have seen a decrease of 0,49%, as a consequence of the national currency depreciation against the European one. Continuare
MOLDOVA: Insurance company ASITO closes down!
Shareholders of ASITO insurance company have decided to close the company. The director of ASITO, Andrei Lupyri, has written a request to the Financial Market National Committee, with the request to take away the license. Continuare
Moldova avoids suspension from the Green Card system
The General Assembly of the Council of Bureaux in Brussels decided on June 2 to revoke the suspension of the National Bureau of Motor Insurers of Moldova (BNAA) from the "Green Card" system. Continuare
STATISTICS: Moldova: Insurance market grew by 12.1% in the first quarter
In the first three months of 2016, the total premiums of Moldova's insurance companies increased by 12.12%, up to MLD 284.41 million, compared to the same period of 2015, according to the official data published by the supervisory authority - NCFM. Continuare
MOLDOVA: "Bomb" under the insurance system Green Card
On Friday, May, 13, 2016, the Board of Directors of the National Commission for Financial Market convoked urgently an extraordinary meeting. The reason was the imminent risk Moldova to be excluded from the international system of insurance Green Card, informs the Mold-Street. Continuare
STATISTICS: MOLDAVIAN insurers reported a business volume of EUR 59 million at the end of 2015
At the end of December 2015, the Moldavian insurance market totaled MDL 1.2 billion (about EUR 58.8 million), up by 2.1% y-o-y, according to the preliminary statistics recently published by the market's supervisory authority. Claims paid by the 15 insurers that have reported operations totaled MDL 386.6 million (or EUR 18.5 million) - equivalent to 31% of the total GWP. Continuare
MOLDOVA: Green Paper system is available for yet three months
Council of Bureaux (CoB), the European institution based in Brussels, manager of the international insurance system "Green Card", has decided to postpone the decision suspending the National Bureau of Motor Insurers of Moldova (NBMI) of the "Green Card" until the General meeting of its members, scheduled to take place in early June, reads a press release issued by the NBMI.
STATISTICS: MOLDOVA: All insurers have gained profit in the first 9 months
All 15 insurance companies active on the Moldavian insurance market have concluded the first nine months of the year with a positive balance, according to data published by the National Commission of Financial Market (NCFM). Continuare


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