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2010 was the year with steepest air traffic rise in Romania

Air traffic growth in Romania, as well as Europe was extensively debated during the second edition of the "Romania, Open Sky" event organised by "Nine O'Clock" in co-operation with the Romanian Air Traffic Services Administration ROMATSA..

According to Bogdan DONCIU, General Director, Romanian Air Traffic Services Administration ROMATSA, in 2010, Romania registered the highest air traffic values. He said that his institution seeks to permanently improve both the system and the human resources, as well as to develop the equipment used. Eusebiu PISTRU, Secretary of State at the Ministry of Transport, told the round table that air transport in Romania had known an impetuous growth in the last few years, from a technical point of view - aircraft modernisation, and in terms of associated areas: aircraft crews, technical and maintenance staff, air navigation services and airports.

In 2010, despite the difficulties brought along by the economic crisis, the ash cloud and the various strikes in the industry, air traffic in Europe still grew by 0.8 percent compared to 2009. The rise in the number of flights expected in 2011 is by at least 3.6 percent.

Romania also reported 2010 air traffic growth above the regional average, by 10 percent, PISTRU noted. He said the growing trend will continue in 2011 and added that the ongoing improvement of air traffic management could be a priority. One should not forget the implementation of modern security measures at the level of civil aeronautics agents in the context of EU policies.


Published on 23.02.2011

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