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About us



Media XPRIMM is a media agency and a public relations organization specialized in the insurance, reinsurance, brokerage and private pensions' market.
Our activity is based in Romania but our focus is the entire Central and Eastern European region.

We have two major lines of business:

  • we act as a publishing house and media agency, as we have:

- 3 insurance magazines - members of the prestigious Presse Internationale des Assurances- PIA

    • PRIMM Insurance & Pensions Magazine (in Romanian)
    • Insurance PROFILE Review (in English & Romanian)
    • XPRIMM Insurance Report (in English)

- 6 dedicated insurance newsletters (of which 1 in English/Russian, with an average of 16.000 subscribers and 5 in Romanian)

- the most-accessed Romanian insurance website - www.1asig.ro

- the most-accessed Modavian insurance website - www.xprimm.md

- the most relevant CEE & CIS insurance website - www.xprimm.com

- many other projects focused on promoting the CEE and CIS insurance and private pensions' markets.

  • we act as a public relations company, as we are producers and organizers of many international events dedicated to this industry

- FIAR - The International Insurance-Reinsurance Forum (www.fiar.ro) - annual, since 1999

- ICAR - The International CAtastrophic Risks Forum (www.icarforum.ro) - - annual, since 2004

- The Romanian Insurance Market Awards - annual, since 2000

- National Conference on Private Pensions - annual, since 2006

- The International Insurance Forum, Istanbul - annual, since 2011

- other relevant international events (Conferences and Seminars) in Romania and abroad

Our XPRIMM Publications are Media Partners to all major European insurance, reinsurance and private pensions-related Forums, Conferences, Workshops and Seminars.

Also, we are present at meetings dedicated to the European, Russian, CIS and Turkey markets, thus insuring our international visibility and distribution of our publications.

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