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Can we make healthy insurance lemonade out of a vicious health system lemon?

Health insurance represents, for more than 10 years, some kind of "fata morgana" of the Romanian profile market. Year after year, we talk about the impressive potential of this segment, we are elaborating development strategies, we are designing products... However, results are still awaited... And discussions are starting again and again each time when the political factor changes.

Defining the basic package, the co-payment, deductibilities - are only a few of the solutions to revive the system that have been circulating. All have remained, up to this moment, just projects.

However, it seems that things have slowly begun to move... Thus, we were recently announcing the signing of one of the largest contracts in the health insurance market: SIGNAL Iduna will offer health insurance for 9,000 employees of TAKATA Petri, for a premium rising to EUR 6 million.

This is a sign that the economy beginning to grow again will also have positive effects on the health insurance system...

Until that time, however, insurers are setting-up development strategies, they are designing products... and are still waiting for clarification of the legal framework.

To see what can be done so that health insurance does not remain the "fata morgana" of the market, we invite you on Tuesday, May 24th, to Life and Health Insurance Day within this year's FIAR - the International Insurance-Reinsurance Forum.

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Author: Mihaela CIRCU on 05.05.2011

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