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DUSTER pulled Romania out of recession

The 0.6 pc-rise in GDP in the first quarter of 2011 was the result of a 40 pc-rise in exports, largely backed by DUSTER, whose exports rose by 500 pc in Q1, an analysis of "Ziarul Financiar" indicates. Figures show that the DUSTER pushed Romanian exports, which reported a boom in the first quarter of 2011, compared to the same interval of 2010, rising by 40 pc, at EUR 11 billion.

The exports' trend played a crucial part in determining the GDP for the first quarter, given that internal trade slumped by over 5 pc every year, in the context of the reduction in purchase power and the soaring prices, and investments have not recovered yet. DACIA exports rose by 53 pc in the first quarter of 2011, compared to Q1 of 2010, at nearly EUR 1 billion. Out of this amount, the DUSTER accounts for EUR 600 million, rising from EUR 100 million in the first quarter of 2010.

Published on 16.05.2011

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