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Digital claims self-assessment solutions bring benefits to all players

In the context of digitalization and its role in improving the claims assessments processes, Richard NATHSCHLAEGER, Region Manager Austria & Italy, Vice Chairman CEE Advisory Board, AUDATEX, presented, during the Motor Insurance Conference at FIAR 2017, a solution for digital claims self-assessment launched by Audatex.

"GoTime Driver solution is a cognitive self-service app that improves the driver's experience throughout the vehicle collision cycle: driver to insurer to service providers", Richard NATHSCHLAEGER affirmed. "You do the assessment by yourself and everything is supported digitally", he explained further.

The benefits of GoTime Driver apply to all players in the vehicle collision cycle. For the drivers, this app allows for paperless claim reports and the possibility of providing all the necessary information once, for example, while for insurers, it increases the call center efficiency and reduces fraud.

Talking about the consumers' adoption of this app, he pointed out that the solution is very popular among young people who are already familiar with using their smartphones for multiple activities. "We have seen a lot of success with the young people so far (for people used to smartphone this is very successful). However, the persons over 60-70 years old won't use it", Richard NATHSCHLAEGER explained.

The GoTime Driver is called "AudaSmart" in Romania and it is already available, he added.

Author: Adina TUDOR on 24.05.2017

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