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EU legislation, under debate at The European Consumer Protection Conference. Register now!

The European legislative framework has been undergoing multiple changes in the past years. What other changes will companies have to expect in the next two years?

The current situation of the EU legislation is one of the key topics analyzed, on 22 March, at the 4th edition of the European Consumer Protection Conference. The event brings into debate the 2018 focus-switch, from regulation to supervision, of insurance companies in Europe, the real meaning of the conduct of business supervision, as well as the supervisory convergence in the case of IDD and PRIIPs Regulation.

The second part of the event focuses on the private pensions segment, trying to answer two main questions: "What can make the PEPP Initiative a successful project?" and "How will the Pan-European Personal Pensions might look like?".

The last part of the conference is dedicated to interactive debates and case studies. The discussions will focus on an exchange of view between regulators, supervisors and insurance undertakings from future potential members of the EU and the existing Member States representatives, as well as how the regulatory framework is seen from outside the EU. Two case studies will also be presented: the first one is dedicated to consumer protection in the Turkish insurance market, while the second one brings into debate market conduct supervision in Romania and Spain.

The complete agenda is available here.

The European Consumer Protection Conference takes place on 22 March in Pregue, Czechia, at the Four Seasons Hotel. Book your seat now!

Author: Adina TUDOR on 13.02.2018

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