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Republic of Moldova


Ecaterina Caraman might take over soon the heading position of Moldovan National Financial Market Commission

Ecaterina Caraman, head of the Corporate Investment Department within Moldova Agroindbank (MAIB) could be appointed to lead the National Financial Market Commission (NCFM), the autonomous public authority that authorizes, regulates and supervises the activity of participants in the non-banking financial market in the Republic of Moldova.

The Parliamentary Commission for Economy, Budget and Finance today approved the candidacy of Ecaterina Caraman for the position of Chairman of the Board of Directors of the National Commission of the Financial Market (CNPF). Her appointment has to further be voted on by Parliament.

According to the journal MOLD Street, Dumitru Alaiba, chairman of the Parliamentary Committee on Economy, Budget and Finance, stated that Ecaterina Caraman "has decided to continue her career in the public sector," this being "a very successful acquisition for the state."

According to her CV, Ecaterina Caraman manages the activity of the Corporate Investments Department within MAIB since 2014, being directly responsible for the implementation of the bank's investment policy and for the organization of MAIB's activity on the Stock Exchange.

Previously, Ecaterina Caraman worked for seven years for the DAAC Holding, as deputy director of the brokerage company, DAAC Invest. She currently holds the positions of Chairman of the Board at the Credit Bureau SA, member of the Board of the Stock Exchange of Moldova, chairman of the Board Ionel SA and member of the Board of MAIB-Leasing SA, subsidiary of MAIB.

According to the source quoted by MOLD Street, Ecaterina Caraman's current project is the listing of MAIB on the international market, which is a premiere for the Moldovan financial market.

Author: Daniela GHETU on 14.10.2021

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