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Times are a-changin'

One year after the global financial crisis has begun, insurers and reinsurers alike are looking ahead to new times. This was the opening of my previous editorial, written in preparation of Baden-Baden 2009. More than half a year past and the groom economical situation has heavily impacted on the markets. more...

Is it worth to scare "the average Romanian" with an SMS?

It's not a secret either that the average Romanian is skeptical regarding insurance, or that he insures himself out of obligation (most often), or if he is smarter (more rarely) or... more experienced. Ultra-sufficient spirit, ultra-conservatory, but also a hyper-optimistic nature, the average Romanian not only knows everything, but also considers anything can happen to anyone, except him! more...

Feelings for MTPL

Insurers are sending contradictory signals. Some love the MTPL, and that is reflected by lower rates. After a while, the financial indicators force them to return to worse feelings regarding MTPL and tarrifs fall into normal on a market in which this segment brings losses. So, although not always the same ones, in the market there are companies that regularly love the MTPL. more...

MTPL became more expensive, but remains much cheaper than in EU

Information circulated by the media lately is talking about alarming increases of the MTPL tariffs.

Allegations relate to the fact that this increase is unjustified and that buying the MTPL policy should remain at the decision of the driver, without being imposed by the law.

Insurance and private pensions markets... in 2,000 editions...

For nearly 2,000 mornings, XPRIMM Stiri (the Romanian version of XPRIMM News) is writing, page by page, the insurance market history... We were, in our 7 years of existence, witnesses of spectacular growths of the profile companies' businesses, live sensational acquisition processes, we watched spectacular careers, we commented the effects of various legislative changes... Together... We, the XPRIMM editorial team and You, the over 13,000 subscribers. more...

Wind of change

One year after the global financial crisis has begun, both insurers and reinsurers are looking ahead to new times. The Central and Eastern European economies, which were leading the development wave last year, are now struggling to keep the pressures under control. Things are no different in the insurance market than at the macroeconomic level. more...

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Interview of the week
Chairman of the Supervisory Board

The economic environment and the insurance market are fully correlated. Healthy growth of the insurance business is hardly possible without economic growth. Of course, we have been an example of an expanding business in the times of economic downturn, but this expansion also comes along immense managerial and organizational efforts. Details

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