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Evgeny POTOKOV, SCOR: The current context presents challenges, allowing us to learn new approaches

"Because of Solvency II, many clients are now seeking alternative structures: not only traditional reinsurance, but also tailor made products which they need, and I think that this trend of complexity will also go on in the near future", Evgeny POTOKOV, Senior Underwriter SEE, SCOR, declared at FIAR 2017, speaking about the current risk landscape.

"Our life will not be easier in the future, but [the current context] also presents a very good challenge for all of us, allowing us to learn new approaches and create new solutions for our clients", Evgeny POTOKOV added.

"In general, we are still optimistic. We see us, at SCOR, as a long term partner for our cedents in CEE. We will support our clients with traditional products, but also with new products for the trends coming in the next period, such as cyber risks, etc.", Evgeny POTOKOV concluded.

Author: Adina TUDOR on 23.05.2017

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