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Exports save Romanian economy

Romanian electronic products are the best-selling products for export, replacing car parts, which had held the lead position until 2009, according to Money.ro. Thus, the exports of electronic products, such as sound recording and playing devices, amounted to EUR 6.32 billion, according to figures supplied by the National Institute of Statistics (INS), by the end of November 2010. Cars ranked second, and DACIA is the best-selling brand. The amount made from car exports is EUR 4.27 billion. Turbines, engines and mechanical devices made in Romania brought almost EUR 3 billion, followed by steel, cast iron and fuels. Exports of Romanian clothes, other than knitted and crocheted items, amounted to EUR 1.45 billion. Furniture and lighting ranked seventh, followed by wood and products made of wood. The last positions in the ranking are claimed by rubber and rubber products, at EUR 1.07 billion, and footwear, with EUR 1.05 billion. As a whole, Romania's total exports in the aforementioned interval amounted to EUR 42.6 billion, which results in a EUR 7.4 billion-trade deficit. As far as imports are concerned, the most popular products were, again, electronics, vats, turbines, engines, as well as fuels and natural gas.

At the same time, the Prime-Minister Emil BOC's Economic Advisor, Andreea PAUL VASS, stated, quoted by Mediafax, on the 21st of February, that Romania was doing "unexpectedly well" in terms of boosting exports, as export rates rose by 20-35 pc in 2010.

"There are all the needed ingredients to feel optimistic that, in the second quarter, Romania's economy will emerge out of the recession. I believe that Romania is ready, in real terms, to emerge out of the recession on a much healthier economic basis", VASS argued. According to the latter, Romania is, at last, "beginning to put to use its potential for agriculture and to export the produce".

Software and it services exports up by 10 pc in 2010

Romanian software and IT services exports have grown by 10 percent in 2010, Valerica DRAGOMIR, Executive Director of the Association of Software Industry and Services Employers (ANIS) told Mediafax. "Romanian software exporters estimate a recovery in the sector's turnover following the steep drop reported in 2009. The estimate for software exports in 2010 stands at EUR 500 million, which means that we are above the level reported in 2007, before the crisis. 2008 was the best year so far, with exports of approximately EUR 650 million", DRAGOMIR said, quoting from the Association's preliminary data.


Published on 23.02.2011

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