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Financial Supervisory Authority

According to the Law, the ASF Council consists of 8 members: one President, one First Vice-president, three Vice-presidents responsible for each of the three supervised financial services markets (capital, insurance, private pensions), as well as 3 non-executive members. 
The ASF Council members voted by the Romanian Parliament are:

President - Misu NEGRITOIU, Non-executive President and former general Manager of ING Bank Romania; professor at the International Economic Relations Faculty - Bucharest University of Economic Studies (ASE);

First Vice-president – Cornel COCA-CONSTANTINESCU, VicePresident of the former CSA; General Director of MKB Romexterra Leasing; President of the Romanian Association of Leasing Societies (ASLR);

Vice-president, Insurance Market - Marius VORNICEANU, Councilor at the Romanian Court of Accounts; Director, Ministry of Economy and Finance; Deputy Director, Ministry of Finance;

Vice-president, Private Pensions Market - Ion GIURESCU, Vice-President of the Romanian private pensions market authority, former President of the National House of Pensions and Secretary of State in the Labour Ministry.

Vice-president, Capital Market - Mircea URSACHE, Former President of AVAS - the national authority for the state owned assets' management, and President of the Supervising Council of "Proprietatea" Fund;

The other non-executive members of the ASF Council are:

Dr. Ing. Albin BIRO (Member of the former ISC Council);
Gheorghe MARCU (CNVM);

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