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Feelings for MTPL

Insurers are sending contradictory signals. Some love the MTPL, and that is reflected by lower rates. After a while, the financial indicators force them to return to worse feelings regarding MTPL and tarrifs fall into normal on a market in which this segment brings losses. So, although not always the same ones, in the market there are companies that regularly love the MTPL.

MTPL is uncomfortable for the customers. People don't love anything that is mandatory, especially when it comes to an insurance "for others", ignoring that responsibility is of the guilty part, and anybody can be guilty. During this time, the wrong messages reach customers: MTPL is a tax that exists only in Romania, tarrifs increase to cover the losses of the companies that, anyway, do not pay their claims.

Yes, insurers do not pay claims for MTPL. As long as - we are not afraid to say it directly - there are companies that do not pay their obligations, can we blame the press or the customers for generalizing a state of fact seen punctually at the market level?

In a normal market, all insurers pay their claims. In Romania, the payment of claims in time is, along with the price, one of the main criteria for buying a certain insurance product. For MTPL, "cheap" is the keyword.

In this framework, a proposal comes: to make customers love the MTPL! What does this translate into? In short: in case of an accident, the claim can be paid to the damaged part by the company where it has bought the MTPL! Sounds simple, motivating for the client, maybe a little annoying for some insurers!

Published on 25.03.2010

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