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Florin GOLOVATIC, ASF: "The following period will not be easy for the Romanian insurance market"

"I wish all of you good luck in the following months, because the next period will not be easy for the Romanian insurance market", Florin GOLOVATIC, Director, ASF - The Financial Supervisory Authority, declared during the Motor Insurance Conference at FIAR 2017, speaking to the professionals present at the event.

He reviewed the main novelties brought by the MTPL law, underlining the fact that it is very important for all actors in the insurance market to get involved and apply these changes, in order to improve the market context.

One of the novelties introduced by the MTPL law is the reference tariffs for the mandatory motor insurance policies. "This is a tool we must use, a tool that insures better transparency and a better understanding of the way in which insurance tariffs are established. The companies will have to analyze their own portfolio and see which measures they must implement in order not to deviate too much from these reference tariffs", Florin GOLOVATIC added.

Author: Adina TUDOR on 24.05.2017

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