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Forum of Insurance Innovations - InnoIns - to be held in Moscow, April 17, 2018

This year's  InnoIns-2018 (Forum of Insurance Innovations) organized by MIG Insurance Today (MIG) with support and participation of the All-Russian Insurance Association (ARIA) will review positive international and domestic experience  and discuss recent achievements in new technologies.

Modern technologies produce a steadily increasing impact on the insurance business across the globe thus giving rise to altogether new business models and services.  Insurers who fell behind bankers at the start of the next stage of technology revolution are now easily catching up with the latter and even outpace them thanks to implementation of a much wider range of innovations in all insurance business processes, which are more sophisticated and versatile, and in all spheres of activities. Indeed, many novelties become obsolete by the time of implementation of the same; one witnesses a real technology boom which radically changes perceptions both of the insurance market and insurance as such. The crisis in economy and in the insurance industry prompts domestic insurers to explore emerging opportunities in detail and to implement innovations in their operations in a more decisive manner and on a wider scale. This interest is driven by a huge potential of insurance high-tech to reduce loss ratio, to improve sales, to create new products and to increase clients' loyalty. 

InnoIns Mission - putting together a new strategic vision, contributing to development, promotion and implementation of more promising advanced information and business technologies in Russia's insurance market.

InnoIns-2018 goals and objectives:

- to introduce Russian insurers to progressive experience of use of high-tech both in this country and abroad;

- to discuss amendments to the legal framework, practical aspects of regulation and insurance supervision which would help implementation of innovations in the insurance market and activities of insurance organizations;

- to establish close and day-to-day interaction between insurers and the Association for the Financial Technologies Development (the FinTech Association);

- to help providers of technologies and off-shelf solutions to obtain deeper understanding of insurers' problems and needs, and to help insurers in their turn to have a realistic assessment of prospects of mastering advanced developments and technological novelties.

Topics for discussion:

  • Digital era in insurance - prospects and obstacles.
  • Rulemaking and insurance innovations - removing barriers.
  • Risk office of the digital era. New and old risks - cartography, analysis, prevention.
  • XBRL - a new language for communications between insurers and the regulator.
  • Insurance lines where new technologies are introduced more actively (motor, life and health, individuals' property, agriculture, etc.).
  • Insurers and start-ups - how to find each other.
  • Insurance accelerators - what is required for successful prolongation.
  • Telematic solutions in insurance - implementation experience and potential for development.
  • Insurance applications for electronic gadgets - achievements and prospects.
  • Insurance marketing - digitalization and human centricity.
  • Distributed registers - what is it and how it will change the insurance sector.
  • Crypto-insurance - insurance without insurers?
  • Space and satellite technologies in insurance - expanding offer and steady growth of demand.
  • High-tech and CMPTL - what has been implemented, what is under development and what is planned.
  • Insurance history bureaus - what BigData already gives to insurers and why this benefit is yet so small.
  • Insurance of pilotless cars - hull insurance and liability (foreign experience).
  • Loss settlement 2.0 - bots, drones and black boxes.
  • Insurance intermediaries - evolution trends in the age of revolution.
  • Regional aspect of innovations in insurance.

Organizers of InnoIns-2018 issued invitations to senior executives of the Bank of Russia, Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation, Ministry of Telecom and Mass Communications of the Russian Federation, Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation, the Association for the Financial Technologies Development (the FinTech Association), deputies of the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation, senior managers of the Russian and foreign insurance organizations and associations, specialists of consulting and high-tech firms, journalists of interested mass media.

More information about Forum of Insurance Innovations InnoIns-2018 you can get by writing to mail: eshipitsina@insur-info.ru.

We will be glad to see you among the participants of the Forum!

Published on 08.03.2018

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