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French insurer AXA is active on Romanian health insurance market after a partnership with MEDIHELP

MEDIHELP International and AXA Partners, with the support of AXA Global Healthcare - announced an strategic partnership offering to Romanian insureds new private health insurance with international coverage, with a limit of up to EUR 3 million - depending on the chosen plan among five plans - informed www.1asig.ro here.

The partnership with MEDIHELP brings the name of the French group AXA again to the attention of the Romanian insureds, after in 2017 AXA Group decided to sell its local business to VIENNA Insurance Group.

MEDIHELP informed the new private health packages provide acess to a network of over 1.4 million private clinics worldwide - partners of AXA Global Health part of French insurance group AXA. More than that, MEDIHELP informed it created new services available throught the new private health packages such as: telemedicine, a 24/7 call center in Romanian, a new payment tool.

MEDIHELP is an insurance broker specialised on distribution of health insurance producs with presence in Romania, Poland, Hungary and Bulgaria.

Author: Andrei Victor on 18.02.2021

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