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GERMANY: New regional classes for more than nine million drivers

German Insurance Association (GDV) calculates each year the claims of the approximately 400 admission districts in Germany and divides the districts into regional classes, to help insurers better assess risks in motor insurance underwriting.

According to the new regional statistics of the GDV, nearly 5.5 million drivers will benefit in 67 districts of better regional classes in motor vehicle liability insurance; some 3.6 million drivers in 41 districts are promoted. The regional classes of the previous year are maintained in 305 licensing areas and 31 million motor vehicle liability insurances.

High risk regional classes are particularly true in large cities and parts of Bavaria. As in the previous year, the worst balance sheet had Offenbach am Main, where the index value was almost 34% above the national average.

In the casualty insurance sector, the current GDV regional statistics only slightly change the situation: for almost 29 million of the over 34 million full or partial casualties, everything remains the same. 2.8 million casualties slipped to lower, around 2.6 million to higher regional classes.

Author: Daniela GHETU on 07.09.2017

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