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Generali Romania introduces new services to improve customers' claims experience

Generali Romania further simplifies the compensation processes with the help of new digital tools and dedicated partnerships, in order to shorten the time necessary to solve the claims and thus improve customers' claims experience.

The new services that the customers can opt for include video assessment for car and home damages, an additional option for quick repair of glazed car surfaces, as well as the online choice of a car repair shop, based on proximity and the type of vehicle owned.

"We want to provide our customers with simple, fast solutions, that they can access remotely, especially in a still challenging pandemic context. These services are intended for both private and legal customers, representing an extra step that Generali Romania takes so as to become a lifelong partner of our customers and distributors ", said Ales Tausche, Chief Insurance Officer, Generali Romania.

Video assessment of car and home damage

Video recording of car and home damages has become available as an optional service. Thus, the compensation process can be carried out exclusively at a distance, without the need for the physical presence of a damage inspector.

One-stop-shop solution for repairing glazed car surfaces

With the help of a partnership with Pilkington Romania, Generali has developed a new specialized service, so that individual or legal customers can open the damage file and can repair or replace the glazed surfaces of the cars on the same day, in one of the Pilkington centers.

Choosing an auto service based on proximity, using online damage notification

When Casco or RCA damages are notified through the dedicated form on www.generali.ro, customers can optionally choose a Generali partner auto service depending on their proximity to home and the type of vehicle they own.

The aforementioned services complement the already existing options for Generali Romania customers, such as the car damage prepayment facility, so that customers can receive the money in advance, depending on the assessment made together with the damage inspectors of the company. Subsequently, customers can plan their repair work according to their own preferences.

Last but not least, during the compensation process, customers with car and housing damages are constantly informed via SMS about the different stages of the damage file: opening the file, additional documents required for approval or completion of the file.

Author: Irina GHETU on 16.02.2021

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