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Guarantees, EXIMBANK's best offer for companies running EU funded-projects

EXIMBANK offers companies which run EU funded-projects all the classical banking products - letters of intent, pre-financing, co-financing -, but the bank's strong point on this segment is the fact it can offer state guarantees for all forms of loans needed to draw European funds, the bank officials stated, during the conference titled "Solutions for enhancing the absorption of European funds".

EXIMBANK representatives pointed to the fact that, last year, the bank had backed EU funded-projects amounting to nearly RON 150 million, in which the main beneficiaries were SMEs.

"A much more active involvement on this segment is a strategic priority for us and, for this reason, we are trying to develop partnerships with the merchant banks and to offer our clients joint portfolios, so that the companies' projects may be actually put in practice", EXIMBANK officials added.

EXIMBANK offers companies running EU funded-projects a complex product package which includes:
  • Loans for co-financing the component which represents the company's own contribution;
  • Loans for pre-financing the company's needs, to cover the time lag between payments to the suppliers within the project and the moment they receive the money from the management authority;
  • Letters of comfort, in which the bank states its intent to provide the company with the funds needed to run the project;
  • Guarantees for loans that companies intend to contract with any merchant bank.
Companies may obtain additional information visiting the www.eximbank.ro website, where a special section is allotted to products destined to entrepreneurs running EU funded-projects.

Published on 18.05.2011

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