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Industrial output up 11.9 pc year-on-year in January

Industrial production fell 3.7 percent in January from December 2010, yet rose 11.9 percent from January a year ago, according to data supplied by the National Institute of Statistics (INS). Industrial output according to the number of working days and the season increased 1.0 percent compared to December 2010 and 10.6 percent from January the same year. The declining sectors included consumer goods, down 16.9 percent, durable goods, 5.5 percent, and by-products, 1.7 percent. The power and capital goods sectors soared 1.2 percent and 0.5 percent respectively.

INS also reported that end consumer electricity consumption was up 4 percent from January of last year, to 4.661 billion KWh, and electric power resources climbed 10.2 percent. During the interval examined, end consumer electricity consumption was up 3 percent, while public lighting was down 7 percent. Also, constructions volume adjusted to the number of working days and season fell 10.2 percent in January from the year-earlier period, and gross consumption, 8.5 percent. Sales of motor vehicles rose 16.5 percent in January from the same month a year ago, and those of motorcycles parts and accessories, motorcycle maintenance and overhaul were slightly up, at 1.7 percent.

Published on 10.03.2011

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