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Insurance and private pensions markets... in 2,000 editions...

For nearly 2,000 mornings, XPRIMM Stiri (the Romanian version of XPRIMM News) is writing, page by page, the insurance market history... We were, in our 7 years of existence, witnesses of spectacular growths of the profile companies' businesses, live sensational acquisition processes, we watched spectacular careers, we commented the effects of various legislative changes... Together... We, the XPRIMM editorial team and You, the over 13,000 subscribers.

In 2002, when the first Edition of our Newsletter saw the light of day, the 52 insurance companies were struggling to overcome, cumulated, the threshold of USD 500 million in volume of business. Today, the annual underwritings of the market leader alone pass that threshold...

At least 5 insurance companies went bankrupt or had serious solvency problems in 2002... Now, in 2009, despite economic conditions, insurers are sufficiently strong to cope with any challenge...

One of the first news published in April 2002 in XPRIMM Stiri was related to the imminent introduction of mandatory household insurance... 7 years later... the discussions are still continuing.

So, XPRIMM Stiri has increased once with the market, and for us there is no greater joy than to hear about a piece of information: "It must be true, I read in XPRIMM".

Thank you for being with us every morning and we ensure you that together we will write, many years from now, the history of insurance and private pensions!
Author: Echipa Media XPRIMM on 12.11.2009

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