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Interview of the week

Cristian FUGACIU Cristian FUGACIU, General Manager, MARSH Romania

At the corporate level, most of the companies already have a culture, certain practices in the field and many of the multinational organizations are already working with an insurance broker, which means this market is better represented by the mediation companies. Details

Aurel GUBANDRU Aurel GUBANDRU, President, Committee for Budget, Finance and Banks of the Chamber of Deputies

Aside from the legislative process, and I mean its main attribution of adopting laws, the Committee for Budget, Finance and Banks is obliged to support the development of the two markets, on the one hand taking into consideration any proposal, initiative of legislation's modification or completion as to adapt the legal regulations to the actual conditions of the practice and on the other hand collaborating with the regulatory and supervisory administrative authorities: Insurance Supervisory Commission and Private Pensions System Supervisory Commission. Details

Denisa DUMITRU Denisa DUMITRU, President, STELLAR Re

International reinsurers have enjoyed positive results recently. This enables them to be more competitive and there may be some more favorable pricing for reinsureds in the coming year as a result. However, this will depend on reinsurers' experience with specific individual reinsureds. Details

Maria BOGHIAN Maria BOGHIAN, President, ANSDAR

Without any doubt, at the present time, there is a good collaboration between the insurance companies and the dismantlers. This partnership has to be regarded from a professional perspective, meaning that the spare parts have to comply with ISO 9001-14001 with the TUV registry. Details

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