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Investors, interested in renewable energy sector

Renewable energy sector deals in Romania is going to see an upward trend, stated Alexandru LUPEA, Partner, Assurance Services, Energy, Utilities and Mining Industry Group Leader with PwC Romania. "In Romania, transactions will come most likely in the field of renewable energy, especially after the legal framework in this area will become clear. We may also expect that major European players to decide to invest in conventional energy generation capacities, taking into account that the electricity demand in the future years cannot be covered from renewable sources only", said LUPEA, according to a press release.

The global power deal market is finally seeing an upward trend in momentum from the lows reached in 2009. Total deal value in the non-renewable electricity and gas sectors is up 19 pc year on year from USD 98 billion to USD 116 billion in 2010 - a year which also saw an end to the deal stalemate in the US with a renewed deal flow that looks set to continue this year. Compared to the heady mountain of power deals, transacted during 2005 - 2008, deal values remain low but conditions are in place for a return at least to the foothills of these peaks, according to PwC's annual Power Deals review.

"While we believe this deal revival will continue, much will depend on the extent to which demand returns in the main developed markets to give companies confidence in their capital expenditure renewal and new build programs", stated Alexandru LUPEA, Partner, Assurance Services, Energy, Utilities and Mining Industry Group Leader with PwC Romania. "If it does, we can expect promising conditions for the divestment opportunities that some companies will be seeking. In Europe particularly, this flow is likely to accelerate as firms free up capital and attract interest from sovereign wealth, infrastructure and pension funds", added LUPEA.

Globalization of the power sector is moving forward on a number of fronts with, for example, companies looking at gaining a larger presence in emerging markets, strong international interest in infrastructure assets and signs of greater Chinese involvement, not just from grid companies but also independent power producers. Expansion remains high on the agenda for a number of European companies as they weigh up moves to step up their international presence. The company interested to access European funding totaling RON 243 million (nearly EUR 60 million) for efficient energy investment projects shall send their projects to the Economy Ministry during May 13th-December 15th, according to a press release. The program is financed from the state budget and the European Regional Development Fund.

Published on 03.05.2011

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