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Is it worth to scare "the average Romanian" with an SMS?

It's not a secret either that the average Romanian is skeptical regarding insurance, or that he insures himself out of obligation (most often), or if he is smarter (more rarely) or... more experienced. Ultra-sufficient spirit, ultra-conservatory, but also a hyper-optimistic nature, the average Romanian not only knows everything, but also considers anything can happen to anyone, except him!

In this context, two highly mediated events have generated the support in promoting the utility of voluntary insurance, due to the rapid reaction of two insurance companies.
Thus, using the media impact of swine flu crisis, EUROINS launched "A/H1N1 Insurance" and, in late April, when all over the press was writing about the volcanic ash cloud that was paralyzing the entire Europe, OMNIASIG invited, through SMS, the Romanians to insure themselves against its effects.
What is truly remarkable, however, beyond the speed of reaction of the two insurers, is that both initiatives have shown many people that whatever problem they have, an insurer can be near them.

And because the Internet became the main source of public information, the same message is sent by all sites branded Media XPRIMM: asigurarealocuintelor.ro, constatulamiabil.ro, asigurareamasinilor.ro, xprimm.tv, 1asig.ro and many more.

P.S.: Some more sensitive natures have declared themselves... frightened by the SMSs inviting them to buy an insurance product. If we have to scare the Romanians by an SMS in order for them to buy insurance, then maybe we should do that more often!

Published on 20.05.2010

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