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Largest number of road accidents with Ukrainian green card policies in 2017 recorded in Russia and Poland

The Motor (Transport) Insurance Bureau of Ukraine (MTIBU) in 2017 received 3,950 notifications of accidents on Ukrainian Green Card policies that occurred in the territory of the countries included in this international system, MTIBU Director General Volodymyr SHEVCHENKO has said.

According to him, of the indicated number of notifications, in particular, those from Russia account for 29% (1,145; 8.1% less compared to 2016), Poland for 24.3% (946; 21.2% up), Germany for 10.7% (424; 4.2% more), and Italy for 7.7% (305; 3.1% less).

At the same time, the largest amount of declared losses of EUR 5.47 million was recorded in Italy, EUR 5.42 million in Poland, EUR 2.42 million in Germany, and EUR 1.86 million in Russia.

In terms of claims: 29% of the claims on the consequences of accidents the MTIBU received in Ukraine due to the fault of drivers with foreign Green Card policies in 2017 fell on Poland (257; EUR 62,000 was paid), 15.6% on Lithuania (138; EUR 172,700), 6.7% on Moldova (59; EUR 88,400), 4.7% on the Czech Republic (42; EUR 43,800).

9 insurance companies that are full members of the MTIBU have the right to issue Green Card policies in Ukraine. The top five of them account for 70.6% of premiums received and 73.8% of payments made.

Author: Marina MAGNAVAL on 05.03.2018

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