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Republic of Moldova


MOLDOVA: turnover of new shares issued by MOLDASIG suspended

The turnover of 480 thousand ordinary shares issued by MOLDASIG SA was suspended by the National Commission for the Financial Market (CNPF), due to the pending verification of the circumstances related to the notifications of the bailiff Maksim Romaliyskiy dated 12.03.2021, sent by the Unified Central Securities Depository (UCSD), CapitalMarket reports.

According to the CNPF, UCSD received a notification from the bailiff Maksim Romaliyskiy about fulfillment of a number of requirements for the restoration of ownership of securities issued by MOLDASIG SA for PRODROMOS LIMITED (19.98%), DENTON ENTERPRISE Ltd (19.99%) and ROOK INVEST Ltd (9.87%). The bailiff has started a reconciliation deal between the former shareholders of MOLDASIG and Ruslan Dobos (former CFO of CA ASITO SA). As a result of the reconciliation deal dated 02.03.2021, the parties take possession of the property registered in MOLDASIG SA, plundering the property of the state, fraudulently using their official position, causing material damage to the state in the amount of MDL 88.3 million, writes CapitalMarket.

CNPF drew public attention to a threat to the corporate management of MOLDASIG - due to various dubious transactions in the absence of necessary assessments, contrary to the requirements of transparency and honesty, the company's activities are obviously threatened with adverse consequences in the form of serious financial and reputational damage.

According to the results of three quarters of 2020, MOLDASIG is among the TOP-5 insurance companies in Moldova, ranking fourth in terms of GWP volume and almost 14% of the market share out of 13 companies that operated on the local market at the end of the third quarter of last year.

Author: Marina MAGNAVAL on 30.03.2021

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