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ROMANIA: The MTPL policy to be valid also in digital format

After a series of debades on the way a driver can prove the alidity of MTPL policy, on August 26th, the Council of the Romanian Financial Supervision Authority approved the changes and amended the Norm no 20/2017 on MTPL insurance in Romania.

The mentioned article regulates the proof of concluding the MTPL policy in case of controls performed by local authorities.

Thus, according to the changes, drivers will be able to present the eletronic version of the MTPL policy, in case of a control, without theneed to have the printed format of the contract.

Thus, Article 10 (11) states that proof of the conclusion of MTPL insurance, in the case of checks carried out by the competent authorities, is:
  • letter a) MTPL insurance policy/ contract issued by the MTPL insurer, for the period of validity entered, presented on paper or in electronic format;
  • letter b) proof of MTPL insurance, issued by MTPL insurers from other states, valid on the territory of Romania and only for the period mentioned therein, or the border insurance policy for vehicles registered outside the European Economic Area and Of the Swiss Confederation, presented on paper or in electronic format.

At the same time, in the same article, letter c) was introduced, which stipulates that the proof of the conclusion of the MTPL insurance, in case of controls performed by the competent authorities, - is the information resulting from the database query with the MTPL insurance concluded on the territory of Romania, certifying the existence of a MTPL contract valid on the date of the interrogation.

The amendments and completions to Norm no. 20/2017 enters into force within three days from the date of their publication in the Official Gazette of Romania, Part I.

Author: Andrei Victor on 01.09.2020

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