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Romania: Allianz-Tiriac greenlighted as the main direct shareholder of Gothaer

Romanian FSA (Financial Supervisory Authority) announced that on December 22, 2021, the FSA Board decided to approve Allianz-Tiriac Asigurari as main direct shareholder of Gothaer Asigurari Reasigurari.

At the same time, FSA approved Virgil-Vasile SONCUTEAN as non-executive member and Chairman, as well as of Adriana- Mihaela MATACHE and Aurel BADEA as non-executive members of the Board of Directors of Gothaer Asigurari Reasigurari.

Allianz-Tiriac Asigurari and Gothaer Group have announced in December 2020 the signing of a purchase agreement regarding the takeover of Gothaer Asigurari Reasigurari, this being the first acquisition of an insurance company made by Allianz-Tiriac after more than 25 years of organic growth.

In May 2021, the Competition Council greenlights GOTHAER take over by ALLIANZ-TIRIAC, while on November 24, ALLIANZ-TIRIAC Asigurari announced that it has received the necessary approvals from the Financial Supervisory Authority (ASF) for the acquisition of the majority stake in GOTHAER.

Author: Andrei Victor on 27.12.2021

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