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Romanians and the sense of ownership

Romanian's mentality makes him want to be owner, and not tenant... He has the sense of ownership... According to an EUROSTAT report, 96% of Romanians live in houses owned by them, while the average at European Community level is 65%.

However, Romania shocks with an extremely modest value of an indicator that should be somewhat proportional to the above-mentioned one. Thus, only a little over 15% of the houses are insured.

What are the possible explanations for this phenomenon? First of all, the "nothing can happen to me" principle. Although the press shows us almost daily desperate people, often left with no place to live in, left at the authorities' mercy, the majority still thinks they are protected from harm.

Moreover, after the floods that affected Romania in recent years or after the extremely violent earthquakes this year, such as those from New Zealand and Japan, who have reminded us of the traumatic scenes in 1977, profile companies did not notice significant increases in demand for insurance.

What should be done? Romanians should understand that "having a sense of ownership" does not mean only to own a house, but also implies taking care of it. And one of the easiest and cheapest measures that can be taken in this regard is buying a household insurance policy...

Only when the two percentages will equalize, will Romanians be able to say they have a sense of ownership...

Author: Mihaela CIRCU on 21.04.2011

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