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Sinisa LOVRINCEVIC: Reinsurance is about good knowledge, combined with trust and empathy

"Insurance and reinsurance are based on trust: we sell something they cannot taste and they cannot see", Sinisa LOVRINCEVIC, Branch General Manager, TRUST Re, explained during the NatCat & Reinsurance Conference at FIAR 2017.

How can we improve this trust? According to Sinisa LOVRINCEVIC, in order to achieve this goal, a company needs to take into consideration elements such as:
  1. Enterprise functions with actions in practice
  2. Leadership style in reality
  3. Team work in reinsurance with "7P" impact
  4. Strategy realisation on time / Macro and Micro aspect
  5. Emotional Intelligence, Trust, Dynamic, Team Spirit
Emotional intelligence plays a key role in business and leadership, Sinisa LOVRINCEVIC pointed out, given that "a high emotional quotient (EQ) has been identified as a key factor in leadership success". And since reinsurance is "people business based on trust and promises", emotional intelligence is highly important in the reinsurance field as well.

"Reinsurance is about good knowledge, combined with trust and empathy", Sinisa LOVRINCEVIC concluded.

Author: Adina TUDOR on 23.05.2017

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