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Subway to have 3 new main lines by 2020

Gheorghe UDRISTE, General Manager, METROREX, claims that the Bucharest subway will have three new main lines with 69 stations by 2020. "For all three new main lines that will be built and gradually put into use by 2020 we need approximately EUR 6.5 billion, funds that will come from the European Investment Bank, Bank of Japan and the Romanian Government; we'll see who wins the public-private partnership bid for Main Line 7", Gheorghe UDRISTE stated for "Jurnalul National" daily.

According to him, construction works on Main Line 5 will start this spring, being financed with a loan from EIB. "We estimate that this line will become operational in 2014-2015. The construction of the three new main lines could be finished by 2020 provided the financing is constant, the Bucharesters patient and the constructors serious", UDRISTE stated for the aforementioned daily.

Main Line 6 will connect the "Henri Coanda" and "Baneasa" airports to the subway network. The works, scheduled to start in 2012, could be finished in 2019. Finally, another project consists of building the first intermodal terminal for inter-County transport at the Straulesti Lake.

Published on 10.03.2011

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