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Thermal springs to the North of Bucharest, an untapped treasure

Bucharest is sitting on top of a valuable resource that was unfortunately forgotten by the authorities. Thus, the underground to the north of Bucharest has thermal waters with temperatures ranging from 40 to 80 degrees Celsius, waters that can be easily used to heat homes, Realitatea.net informs. The method was successfully applied in Otopeni, in the vicinity of Bucharest.

Despite being located deep underground and lacking the same temperatures that thermal waters have in the Olt Valley, the thermal waters located to the north of Bucharest can be used for heating or for household use. "Waters with a temperature of 40-45 degree Celsius (editor's note: thermal waters) are at the limit. Nevertheless, they can be used efficiently from an economic point of view, however only on the basis of fairly expensive solutions. We're talking about underfloor heating", Gicu BOROSI, Director of FORADEX company's Geothermal Waters Activity, stated for B365.ro. FORADEX owns the license to exploit thermal waters located to the North of Bucharest.

The FORADEX representative states that the resources located to the North of Bucharest can be exploited at any time and expressed his optimism concerning a hypothetical project in the area. "District 1's Northern area could benefit from these resources, mainly in the form of warm water for household use, by taking into account a longer transport system that would tap water with temperature of up to 80 degrees Celsius. Energy costs entailed by pumping the water out should be taken into account in this equation too", the Director pointed out. These thermal waters lie 1,700 meters underground and can be tapped only through deep drilling. Experts claim that the costs are proportionally high, but they can be covered in time.

Published on 22.03.2011

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