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VIG expands on the life insurance market in Macedonia

Insurance company WINNER Osiguruvanje, member of VIENNA Insurance Group, received from the national supervisory authority its practice license for life insurance, starting January the 1st, 2011.

"We live in a dynamic environment, where we struggle to make a better life for those we love. Every citizen thinks about his future and the future of his family, and that is exactly why life insurance is more than necessary. Life insurance means saving and saving represents security and a long term investment", stated Elena MARTINOVSKA, General Manager, WINNER Osiguruvanje.

According to the society, the selling activity will be accomplished through SHPARKASE Bank AD Skopje Macedonia, belonging to ERSTE financial group.

The first nine months of the current year marked a 18% growth for the life insurance segment in Macedonia, reported to January - September 2009. The growth trend has been constant during the last few years, accelerating in 2010, the analysts predicting the same for the coming years.
Thus, the number of players on this segment grew to three, the other two specialized companies being GRAWE and CROATIA.

Article written with the support of Dejan GJORJIOVSKI, Correspondent, Macedonia

Author: Vlad BOLDIJAR on 18.01.2011

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